New eBook Guide:
Product Photography for Artists
-Receive the eBook download, and a CD with image editing software.

This resource is for artists, or anyone wishing to take great photographs of artwork: an eBook called "Product Photography for Artists". Created to be a self-paced workshop-on-a-disk, it introduces one to the essentials of camera theory, lighting principles, and digital image editing. Much more than just a download, when you buy this eBook, you will receive:

  • An email with a link to "Product Photography for Artists" in PDF format for immediate download.
  • A CD-ROM in the mail, which contains not only the eBook, but *FREE* image editing software for both PC and Mac. Saves on downloading time, especially for anyone on dial-up.
  • Free ongoing advice via email on follow-up projects. You get to pick my brain for the experience I have in this realm of product photography.

All you need is a digital camera, and a computer!

This 40 page eBook combines the detailed instructions you would receive in a full day seminar, as well as the interactive follow-up we all need to refine the concepts. This virtual workshop is by nature self-paced, and has many photos of example lighting setups for various kinds of art. All image editing examples are specifically geared to the software included on the disk.

If you're still not able to get the results you want after reading the material and practicing, you can email me for further help. Just send me a pic or two that you've taken, and also a photo of your lighting setup. How's that for value!

And even more - on the CD you get a Windows and Apple version of the popular image editing program called GIMP. It is a powerful software product written by kind programmers who have been volunteering their time to the GIMP project for decades. After comparing it to other industry standard programs, I am impressed with its ease of use, array of features, and price!

Click on the "Buy Now" button below to order your eBook and CD. Within 2 business days you'll receive an email with a link to download the eBook in PDF format. Then within 5 to 10 business days, you will receive a CD in the mail with a copy of the eBook, and the GIMP image editing program for you to load onto your PC or Mac.

All this for only $24.95!

James is available to be your teacher, instructor, tutor...
If you or your group want to take your photography to the next level, consider James as your instructor. Whether one-on-one, or in a classroom, James will discuss, explain, and demonstrate the technical and aesthetic facets of creating beautiful pictures.

Instead of " la carte" courses, such as Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, James will instead customize your classes to your learning goals.
You can be someone who needs to be guided through the settings of your camera; needing basic to intermediate instruction on the principals and physics of photography. Once understood, your creative control can truly be unleashed.

Or - you have that under your belt, yet need guidance with composition, lighting, and post-production. It is very important to note that for every hour you spend shooting, you should be spending the same amount of time digitally editing your work. It's no different than the film world, where any photographer worth his/her salt spent as much time in the darkroom as out in the field.

So - the difference between an "OK" shot, and something you'd consider web and magazine-ready is explained in raw detail. Students' expectations are assesed beforehand so James can customise your learning experience. You will come away with a new set of tools to create beautiful photographs.

Please note that this is for both film and digital cameras, though the emphasis will be on digital.

In short,
James will walk you through the materials and technology needed to create beautiful photographs of any subject. Bring your camera and manual, as there will be ample opportunity for questions and answers, demos, etc.

Subjects covered:
  • Principles of light: natural vs. artificial, direct vs. diffused.
  • Basic exposure rules, intentional over and under-exposing.
  • Camera options: point'n shoot, or SLR?
  • Film or digital?
  • Assemble your equipment: lights, camera, action!
  • Post processing on your computer: tips'n tricks with Adobe Photoshop © .
  • Optimizing photos for the web and your printer.

Here's how to sign up...
Send us your contact details by clicking here. We'll be in touch very shortly to figure out details. I look forward to hearing from you!

Burnstown Images/James Photography is located at:
41 Leckie Lane
Burnstown ON
K0J 1G0
(613) 518-seven three zero three (home)
(613) 281-zero eight three zero (cell)